Together We Make Teal

Together We Make Teal - a novel


"A cerebral and engrossing work of speculative fiction." Kirkus Reviews

I can't trust anyone. Not the four people I've looked up to my whole life, not myself or my parents. Not the fantasy girl who speaks in blossoms....

After graduating high school, Luka joins Hawaii's top gaming guild, Daylark, with four teenagers famous in the esports world. He couldn't possibly be more excited to design an original character— a Combatant— with his teammates. In the Fraye, a nationwide competition, Combatants fight to the death in virtual reality battlefields. And this year, Daylark is aiming for first place.

But Luka has a big secret-he was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder a year ago. But he's fine. He's normal now. He's over the delusions, and a holographic trophy is within reach.

Isn't it?

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